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Fraud, Embezzlement and Risk in the Dental Office

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60% of dentists will be embezzled – let’s do the math!

60% – not me! Search the Internet for the term “dental embezzlement statistics”, and you’ll find many publications which claim that 60% of dentists will be embezzled during their career. My own experience obtained from conducting hundreds of embezzlement investigations over the last 12 years agrees with this statistic. Putting the 60% probability into perspective. […]

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Ex-IT head accused of stealing $800K from nonprofit North County clinic

The former head of information technology at the nonprofit North County Health Services, which provides services to low-income people, pleaded not guilty Friday to siphoning nearly $800,000 from the organization. Hector Ramos, 55, was charged with 49 counts related to the loss of the money, which authorities said happened over the course of eight months […]

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Former doctors’ office manager accused embezzling $180,000

“When an embezzler thinks they are being watched, they will suddenly quit or just not show up to work; even if the employer suspects nothing. It’s a red flag that needs to be examined and reconciled. ” William “Bill” Hiltz  BSc MBA CET RENO, Nev. (KOLO) – A Sparks woman is in the Washoe County Jail, […]

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Wilton woman charged with embezzlement

Police say Wilton woman made partial repayment to former employer Thursday, March 24, 2016 Debra Obenhoff, 44, a Wilton woman was accused of stealing almost a million dollars from the medical company she managed tried to pay back a small amount of it in 2015, Colonie Police said. A Wilton woman accused of stealing $871,728 […]

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Mason City dental employee who stole $491K sentenced to federal prison

MASON CITY, IA, Apr 14, 2017 | A Mason City woman convicted of stealing nearly a half-million dollars from a dental practice has been sentenced to federal prison. Pamela Harris, 58, was sentenced Thursday to a term of 41 months, or three years and five months. Check Pamela’s LinkedIn Profile here. (Bill Hiltz) Originally accused of taking […]

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Woman charged with stealing thousands from Fort Pierce dental patients

Dec. 05, 2012 FORT PIERCE — An investigation into a dentist’s former billings clerk has ended with her arrest on charges of fraud and theft of thousands of dollars of patient’s cash payments, according to police reports. In April, Dr. Norman Knowles fired Port St. Lucie resident Kelly Rivera, 31, citing questionable behavior by the […]

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I am continually amazed by the number of dentists who procrastinate when confronted with the likelihood, or reality of embezzlement. They procrastinate because of fear, uncertainty, doubt, shame, guilt, or other negative emotions. Some blame themselves and fear confronting their employee, or simply choose to do nothing. If this is you, make the call. I […]

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Schoolcraft woman accused of embezzling over $100,000 from doctor’s office

Oct 19, 2016 VICKSBURG, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) – A Schoolcraft woman is accused of embezzling more than $100,000 from the doctor’s office where she worked. Police say that Sarah Hazell-Barker used a company credit card for three years at the expense of a small doctor’s office in Vicksburg. She now faces 20 years in prison. […]

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