Frequently Asked Questions

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(1) Concerns and Suspicions
(2) Discretion and Confidentialty
(3) Hiring Us
(4) Miscellaneous

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Questions frequently asked by dentists and practice owners with concerns that an employee or someone else has been (or still is) stealing or committing fraud.

NO ONE BUT YOU. Your employees will not know. Your business partner will not know. No one but you and the people you authorize will know. In most cases, we conduct our work off-site, and to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of your personal and business affairs.
You should not fire an employee suspected of fraud without carefully considering what can go wrong.   READ ABOUT IT HERE
YES: If you have suspicions of employee dishonesty, we can review your concerns over the phone and provide you with the insight and direction you need. In some cases, concerns can be resolved in just one call. CONTACT US HERE
NO:  Before you contact police, you must gather and compile evidence that will support your allegations. Calling police to report a financial crime without providing them with clear and compelling evidence is a waste of your time, and theirs.   Gathering evidence beforehand is even more important when the person you suspect is still working in your office.


Questions frequently asked by dentists and practice owners regarding confidentialty and discretion.

No: we do look at your personal information or files, and in the unlikely event that we unexpectedly encounter personal information during the normal course of work, we'll ignore it.
NO:  Irrespective of what our work uncovers, our findings and reports are shared only with you, and those you have authorized.


YES: private client references are available upon request. We do not provide public references. The confidentiality of our clients' affairs requires this approach.
Our fees are about half of what our competitors charge and second opinions are free.  Fees are based on the completixy of the work being performed; smaller procedures start at $300, larger procedures start at $1500.    Download our Fee Guide
Hiltz & Associates and Dental FraudBusters were founded by William Hiltz.  Since 2004, Bill has been on a mission to help dentists and practice owners better understand and confront issues related to employee dishonesty, fraud, diligence and risk.  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT BILL