“The key to early detection is to monitor the warning signs.”


Dental FraudBusters by Hiltz & Associates

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  • The assessment is comprised of 3 groups: Financial Red Flags, Software Red Flags and Employee Red Flags***
  • Your scores will be explained immediately after you finish the assessment****

* Our system is designed to ensure the anonymity of your responses.  We cannot match responses, with your email address. Even the administrator (Bill) cannot link the response data and participant data..

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*** Below is a list of the top 10 employee fraud indicators according to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners 2014 survey:

You will be asked about these, and other red flags during the assessment.

1. Living beyond their means – 39%
2. Financial difficulties – 34%
3. Control issues, unwillingness to share duties – 19%
4. Unusually close association with vendor – 15%
5. Wheeler dealer attitude – 20%
6. Divorce / family problems 17%
7. Irritability, suspiciousness or defensiveness – 14%
8. Addiction problems – 13%
9. Refusal to take vacations – 7%

**** The assessment responses are Likert Scale and Yes-No.    Each “Red Flag” is assigned a score based on fraud research and personal experience.  Certain Red Flags are weighted more heavily than others.