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Theft, Embezzlement, Fraud, Misconduct

These are not "happy" topics for any dentist or practice owner.

When faced with the topic of embezzlement, most dentists are confused, and lack direction, Which causes them to procrastinate, and experience further uncertainty, fear and doubt. .

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Our uncommon experience, rare insight, and depth of knowledge are second to none.

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Experts in the prevention, detection, investigation and remediation of fraud, embezzlement and financial misconduct committed against dentists and practice owners.

Founded by William “Better Call Bill” Hiltz
our services include (and not limited to):

Continuous Data Auditing and Assurance
Exploratory and Diagnostic Embezzlement Examinations
Forensic Investigations
Fraud Prevention and Detection
Litigation Support and Forensics

Are you a dentist or practice owner in this predicament?

You trust those who handle your money to be honest, but lately your intuition is telling you otherwise.

Or, perhaps you have cause to believe that you are being embezzled, and you need certainty and direction.

We can help.

Whether you are a large group, or a small family practice; let us put our unparalleled talent, extraordinary skill set and uncommon experience to work to resolve your concerns.

When it comes to data auditing, fraud, embezzlement, financial misconduct and computer forensics.
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