At Hiltz & Associates, we are “BIG” on small firm values.

You won’t find any large firm bureaucracy or egos here; we speak honestly, and hold to the principles of veracity and beneficence in all our dealings.

Our goals are simple.

We will:

  • focus solely the only thing that matters – YOU
  • never recommend an unnecessary procedure or service to line our own pockets.
  • provide you with expert focus, direction and guidance that is second to none
  • use tact and discretion at all points, to ensure your matter remains confidential
  • always serve in your best interests, and to communicate with you truthfully.
  • always disclose to you when we are in a conflict of interest
  • recognize our limitations, and refer you to another specialist or professional when circumstances require
  • provide you with free access to information and techniques that will allow you to respond when faced with a fraud or embezzlement concern.
William Hiltz BSc MBA CET

Chief Everything Officer

Bill is a pioneer and expert in the prevention, detection, and investigation of fraud and embezzlement committed against practice owners and practitioners.

Practice areas include (but are not limited to):
Fraud Prevention & Investigations
Expert Participation
Litigation Support
Digital Forensics
Data Auditing and Assurance

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Janice Hiltz

Client Audit and Assurance Coordinator

Janice is a graduate of Dalhousie University's Dental Hygiene program, and has a perfectly uncanny sense of intuition.

Janice is the person who co-ordinates many of the activities with our clients.

Her calming nature and engaging interpersonal skills make her a perfect candidate for this work.

Complex Problems. Simplified.

Hiltz & Associates has an established track record of resolving complex problems for our clients.