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Hiltz & Associates was founded by dental embezzlement pioneer William “Bill” Hiltz.

Bill performed his first dental embezzlement investigation in 2004, and since then,  has performed hundreds more.

In 2006,  Bill co-founded Prosperident and was its Chief Fraud Examiner & Chief Operations Officer until June 2017; when he left to form Hiltz & Associates.  Click here to read more about Bill

At Hiltz & Associates, we are “BIG” on small firm values.

You won’t find any large firm bureaucracy or egos here; we speak honestly, and hold to the principles of veracity and beneficence in all our dealings.

Our goals are simple. We will:

  • focus solely the only thing that matters – YOU
  • never recommend an unnecessary procedure or service to line our own pockets.
  • provide you with expert focus, direction and guidance that is second to none
  • use tact and discretion at all points, to ensure your matter remains confidential
  • always serve in your best interests, to communicate with you truthfully, and without deception
  • always disclose to you when we are in a conflict of interest
  • recognize our limitations, and refer you to another specialist or professional when circumstances require
  • provide you with free access to information and techniques that will allow you to respond when faced with a fraud or embezzlement concern

William Hiltz BSc MBA CET

Chief Everything Officer

Bill is a pioneer and expert in the prevention, detection, and investigation of fraud and embezzlement committed against practice owners and practitioners.

Practice areas include (but are not limited to):
Data Integrity and Assurance testing
Employee Dishonesty
Fraud Investigations
Fraud Prevention & Detection
Litigation Support 
Data Auditing and Assurance
Computer Forensics

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Janice Hiltz

Client Audit and Assurance Coordinator

Janice is a graduate of Dalhousie University's Dental Hygiene program, and has a perfectly uncanny sense of intuition.

Janice is the person who co-ordinates many of the activities with our clients.

Her calming nature and engaging interpersonal skills make her a perfect candidate for this work.
Susan Potter PhD (McGill)

Critical Incident Officer

Dr. Potter's is an experienced professor, researcher and clinical psychologist. Her background in critical incident response makes her the perfect candidate to help your team maintain its focus and morale in the aftermath of fraud or embezzlement.

In many cases, the person being accused of fraud has developed strong relationships with other staff; who may react in disbelief, shock, or indifference.

Staff may disassociate from the practice, blame themselves, or others. Mediation will help alleviate these issues.

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