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Fraud, Embezzlement and Risk in the Dental Office

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Dental FraudBuster 002 • Practice Management Software • Credit Balances

Practice Management Software – Credit Balances A credit balance on a patient’s account normally arises when a patient has prepaid for their treatment or has overpaid their balance.  Sometimes in error, an insurance company will overpay, and this can also create a credit balance. The credit balances above represent money that the practice owes to […]

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Dental FraudBuster 001 • Merchant Account Refunds

Merchant Account “Refunds” All credit card terminals can accept payments, and many are set up to allow employees to issue refunds. This creates an opportunity for a dishonest employee to issue fraudulent refunds to their own credit or debit card. FraudBuster Frequency:   Monthly Examine your monthly Merchant Account Statement for “refunds.  These will be […]

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