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A TOOWOOMBA bookkeeper transferred $60,000 from a client’s account into his own for personal use, police will allege.

The Chronicle understands a Toowoomba-based dental surgery reported the missing funds to police after being notified of owed taxes by the Australian Tax Office.

The man, who oversaw the dental practice’s daily financial transactions, was last week charged with stealing as a clerk or servant following an official fraud investigation.

An official police report was filed last week triggering a fraud investigation which focused on the business’ bookkeeper.

The bookkeeper was charged by police on Friday and was given police bail.

He is due to appear in the Toowoomba Magistrates Court in August.

At this stage no other complaints by clients have been made with police.

Although it is understood the bookkeeper worked on accounts for several other Toowoomba businesses, police said that no other clients had come forward with complaints.

It is not known if police have contacted those businesses directly.

Source: Bookkeeper charged for allegedly taking $60k from dentist | Chronicle