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Fraud, Embezzlement and Risk in the Dental Office

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Dental Embezzler Meal of Consequences

Open a can today!

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How to Calculate an Advisor’s Trustworthiness

We want trusted advisors to help us with our most pressing problems. There are many types of “advisors”; Personal advisors, business & legal advisors, work-life advisors and so on  – in fact the list of advisors seems almost endless. How do you assess whether the person you are dealing has what it takes to be […]

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You be the Judge!

Two different cases – you be the judge. Woman found guilty of stealing $87,000 sentenced 24-48 months in prison. Amount Stolen: $87,000 over a 35-month period = $2500 per month Business: small electronics store “told law enforcement that she used the money to pay bills, indicating she did not receive enough money from her job […]

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#4 • Some common “I’m being embezzled” mistakes that dentists make.

#4 in our series of #TIPS intended to help you deal with fraud, embezzlement, waste, and abuse in your dental practice. “I think I am being embezzled” I have spoken with hundreds of dentists about fraud and embezzlement. Many were convinced or “pretty darn sure” that fraud was happening in their practice. Indeed, probably half […]

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The 90s called and said they want their paper charts back

I recently found an old outline from a 1998 course I taught to help pay the bills. Back then, Janice and I were full time university students, and the parents of 4 children, so every penny had to count. 20 years later, and I am still a proponent of electronic dental charts (does anyone remember Chart-It?) […]

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How to Steal from your Employer

How to Steal from your Employer and Get Away with It. Let’s hope you never see this book in your practice! lol This book does not exist, it’s an image created as a parody – to draw attention in a humorous way to the problem of embezzlement. Seriously, with 60% of dentists being embezzled at […]

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60% of dentists will be embezzled – let’s do the math!

60% – not me! Search the Internet for the term “dental embezzlement statistics”, and you’ll find many publications which claim that 60% of dentists will be embezzled during their career. My own experience obtained from conducting hundreds of embezzlement investigations over the last 12 years agrees with this statistic. Putting the 60% probability into perspective. […]

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We are a “No FUD” firm. What does that mean?

FUD is short for “Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt”.  FUD is a strategy used by salespeople and marketers to influence a person’s perception by communicating negative, unreliable or false information that appeals to their senses of fear, uncertainty and doubt, all in order to sell a product or service. Most of us have encountered a salesperson […]

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