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Fraud, Embezzlement and Risk in the Dental Office

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You be the Judge!

Two different cases – you be the judge.

Woman found guilty of stealing $87,000 sentenced 24-48 months in prison.

Amount Stolen: $87,000 over a 35-month period = $2500 per month

Business: small electronics store

“told law enforcement that she used the money to pay bills, indicating she did not receive enough money from her job to cover them”


Woman found guilty of stealing $1,100,000 Sentenced to 30 months in prison

Amount Stolen: $1,100,000 over a 30-month period = $37,000 per month

Business: BMW Dealership

“dropped over $50,000 on a new Ford Mustang and spent the rest of her stolen money on things like lavish travels around the globe, cosmetic surgery, landscaping and remodeling for her house”


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