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HOUSTON – Take a close look at this sneaky thief who was caught on camera. The sticky fingered thief targets a wallet inside of a purse … in the break room of a dentist’s office.


Ashley Williams, who had wallet stolen explained, “people work hard for what they want, so why come in and take that from somebody else.”

Williams is the rightful owner of the swiped wallet and says initially she thought she had misplaced it.

“When I came back from lunch I noticed my purse was different. It didn’t look like the way I put it,” said Williams.

But when she saw the surveillance video, Williams couldn’t believe her eyes.

“Are you kidding me? You are that bold to walk into the office,” Williams said.

The unknown man wearing a hat that said “security” made his way through an unlocked door.

That’s before he looked directly into the camera and took off with the wallet.

“He opened the door to where we couldn’t hear him and we’re right next door in the other room,” Williams said.

It wasn’t long after the man left with another person in the parking lot that charges started racking up on Williams’ cards.

The alleged thief first hit up a CVS before hopscotching across town to a Walgreens.

In all, Williams said the guy charged almost $1,000 on everything from gift cards to shampoo and even laundry detergent.

“I am glad I helped him with his personal hygiene for one, because you got detergent shampoo soap. Like why do that?” Williams said.

Besides wanting police to track the man down, Williams also has a message for the man who stole her stuff.

“There’s always a consequence behind something that you do, and there’s definitely going to be a consequence behind it,” Williams said.

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