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One of the women used to work for a dentist!

APRIL 12, 2019, ELYRIA, OH — Two county women were indicted on multiple felony counts for allegedly writing prescriptions for medications with prescription pads stolen from a dentist.

Bridget Dorsey, 31, of Lorain, and Camilla Sandanger, 28, of Elyria, each are facing counts of deception to obtain a dangerous drug and illegally processing of drug documents, according to secret indictments unsealed this week.

Sandanger faces a 26-count indictment with 13 counts of deception to obtain a dangerous drug and 13 counts of illegal processing of drug documents. Dorsey was indicted on 16 counts, eight of each.

“It’s basically an attempt to fraudulently acquire controlled substances,” County Prosecutor Dennis Will said. “That’s what they were doing. They were taking script pads and issuing prescriptions to people for controlled substances. They would send people in to cash these at pharmacies.”

Will said the prescriptions were written for drugs such as Percocet.

A pharmacist at one of the pharmacies noticed that a prescription was not signed by a doctor, which is required by the Drug Enforcement Administration, Will said.

“They would not fill it, and that caused them (the pharmacy) to contact law enforcement,” he said. “Law enforcement, through backtracking, located numerous scripts that were passed by the group of individuals.”

Will said one of the women used to work for a dentist, and it’s believed that she stole the prescription pads during that time. He said it was “basically a ring to acquire illegal substances.”