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TRAVERSE CITY — A local couple faces criminal charges after authorities said a Grawn woman embezzled more than $20,000 from her employer and later funneled some of the stolen cash to her live-in boyfriend.

Jessica Ann Dane, 37, is accused of stealing thousands from a local psychiatric practice between September 2016 and August 2017. Dane — the sole employee at the practice — used a doctor’s bank accounts to pay for thousands in personal car repairs, traffic tickets, utility bills and more, according to court records.

Dane also wired more than $2,000 from the doctor’s account to her boyfriend Aaron Joseph Kutten, 40, according to a felony complaint. She faces two felony forgery charges and one embezzlement charge — counts levied this week that could land her in prison for nearly 40 years, if convicted.

Kutten, also of Grawn, last month was charged with receiving and concealing stolen property valued between $200 and $1,000. The misdemeanor charge could land him in jail for up to a year. Court records noted he turned himself in to Grand Traverse County’s jail and has since been released on bond.

Court records note Dane admitted in text messages to her boss that she took thousands and implored the doctor not to contact police when she was confronted about the theft, according to court records. She was released on a $25,000 bond to await another hearing next month.

Dane denied the accusations against her and said she plans to fight the case as it inches closer to a trial.

“I wouldn’t say (the accusations) are 100 percent false but they’re extremely fabricated,” she said.

Calls to Kutten were not returned Friday. Both suspects are due back in court later this month. Visit for continued coverage as their cases proceed in 86th District Court.

Source: Two suspects charged in embezzlement case