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May 2018 – CORRYVILLE, Ohio

A Corryville dental office was targeted by thieves twice. This time, the owner said he has the suspects on video.

“Every dental practice should have security cameras in public areas to protect patients and staff”
– Bill Hiltz

Dr. Paul Sohi, the clinic owner said the situation is strange and heart-wrenching. Surveillance video shows a family arriving at Cincinnati Dental Care for scheduled appointments Wednesday morning. There were two women, a boy and girl.  Workers said the family stole their credit cards.

Olga Rivin, a dental hygienist, said she realized her cards were gone when the bank notified her about questionable purchases.

The bank asked me if I used my credit card for transactions made for $600,” Rivin said. They suspect the same family took thousands of dollars in cash and credit cards last year.

When the workers watched the surveillance video, they were even more shocked.

It showed the young boy enter the employee break room and when he comes back, he appears to give something to one of the women at the counter.

Sohi said a police report has been filed.

He’s convinced his office is not the only place hit and there are other victims. Sohi said police expect to make an arrest soon.