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Fraud, Embezzlement and Risk in the Dental Office

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Our Blog Has Moved!

(Nov-28-2019)   Our blog has moved to a new home. This blog will no longer be updated and we have kept all the old blog posts her for you. Visit us at our new home: https://www.dentalfraudbusters.com    

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Dental FraudBuster 003 • What reports to ask for and keep off-site.

FraudBuster! Frequency: Do every working day Each working day obtain copies of the reports described below. These reports can be printed on paper or as a PDF file. I strongly recommend that you examine each report to look for errors, omissions or things that do not make sense. At a minimum, you should glance through […]

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Dental FraudBuster 002 • Practice Management Software • Credit Balances

Practice Management Software – Credit Balances A credit balance on a patient’s account normally arises when a patient has prepaid for their treatment or has overpaid their balance.  Sometimes in error, an insurance company will overpay, and this can also create a credit balance. The credit balances above represent money that the practice owes to […]

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Dental FraudBuster 001 • Merchant Account Refunds

Merchant Account “Refunds” All credit card terminals can accept payments, and many are set up to allow employees to issue refunds. This creates an opportunity for a dishonest employee to issue fraudulent refunds to their own credit or debit card. FraudBuster Frequency:   Monthly Examine your monthly Merchant Account Statement for “refunds.  These will be […]

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Janitor Arrested for Allegedly Huffing Nitrous Oxide at Dental Office

July 01, 2019 A 52-year-old Rochester man is in jail after allegedly huffing nitrous oxide at a dental office in northwest Rochester. Lieutenant Mike Sadauskis said it happened Friday around 10 p.m. An employee stopped by the office and noticed a padlock had been knocked off a locked door and heard a hissing sound of […]

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Dental Employee Charged With Embezzling More Than $400,000

Dec 2018 – A Mashpee woman is charged with embezzling nearly a half-million dollars from her former employer, a dental specialist in Yarmouth, over the course of 14 years. Mary Lou McGrail, 69, allegedly falsified records and stole $427,742 from the owner of Professional Endodontics between 2002 and 2016, according to court files. Ms. McGrail, […]

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UPDATE: Woman to serve 90 days for dental embezzlement

Aug-26-19.  SIOUX FALLS, S.D. — A woman who embezzled over $100,000 has been sentenced to 90 days in jail. Cheryl Callies had much of her sentence suspended Monday and now will only need to serve 90 days in the county jail. Callies was a long time bookkeeper who worked for two Sioux Falls dental offices […]

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How to Tell if Embezzlement is Happening in Your Dental Office

I wrote this article back in 2012 and still, the same principles hold true today. Changes in employee behavior is often the first sign that something is wrong.  This article discusses some the common behavioral red-flags to watch out for.

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